About the Guide

The ‘Speak Your Mind’ guide is a unique and versatile visual aid which helps to stimulate one-to-one conversation, reduce unwanted silences, and make people feel a little less self-conscious and more comfortable and happy. Its structure encourages the exchange of information, translates thoughts into actions, and not least helps reduce some of the frustration felt by those whose minds are still active but who are unable to speak or who have other communication difficulties.

The guide is a wire-bound booklet designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Its features are:

  • 18 pages (210mm × 210mm) made of strong, polypropylene material with a glossy, laminated finish
  • there are nine colour-coded and tabbed sections with pages designed for easy turning
  • each page with words and pictures relevant to everyday life, plus a ‘Notes’ section for additional information to be added using the special ‘dry wipe’ pen supplied. These and the other sections in the guide can be written on, then wiped clean and used again and again
  • pages for a Visitors Book, Diary, and Notes
  • pages with the Alphabet, Numbers and British Sign Language (BSL)
  • a plastic wallet for photographs, to help personalise the pack

The all-inclusive price of the
Guide is £15.00.

Useful Tips

  • Enter the users name in the guide, there’s a feeling of ownership
  • Talk through each page with them
  • Explain it is theirs to help you say what you need or want to do
  • Keep it nearby, so every visitor whether family or professionals can check comments
  • Ask user easy questions for example, ‘do you need anything?’ Followed by ‘have a look and point’
  • Put all regular events in the diary – hairdresser – phone calls – going out
  • Add all visitors into the ‘visitors page’ so memory is jogged and users know they had a visit from family
  • Write messages on notes page that are easily recognised and are meaningful
  • Don’t feel embarrassed about eye contact and saying ‘look at this’ ‘what do you want me to do?’