Who might use the Guide

The ‘Speak Your Mind’ visual aid has a wide range of potential users, including professionals, staff and others working in hospitals, residential and nursing homes, hospices and similar establishments. It will also be a great help for families with loved ones at home or in care, and not least, for the individuals themselves who may feel isolated and excluded because they are unable to express their thoughts and feelings through speech.

Here are a few of the comments we received when we asked people for views on a sample of the guide:

‘What a wonderful idea — I wish this guide was around when we needed it’
(Stroke Victim’s Sister)

‘I’ve seen so many people visiting loved ones, and the frustration on their faces when communication is hard. This guide is a great way to help families and friends to feel closer’
(Residential/Rehab Worker)

‘So much thought has gone into the design and content — this has clearly been based on personal experience’
(Psychologist with Special Needs Daughter)

‘I can see my staff using this guide, as well as friends and relatives who often find conversation difficult’
(Residential Home for people with Dementia and Age-Related Communication Difficulties)

‘What a brilliant, practical guide. I care for people in the community and it will benefit both clients and staff’
(Community Care Worker)